Mill History


The Ralston Cider Mill has been the site of a complex and fascinating history since its construction in 1848. Follow the links below to discover more of our story online. To experience this history in person, visit our contact page to arrange your tour.

Mill History

Click here to learn about the Ralston Cider Mill, including its construction, adaptations, and restoration.

Mill and Cider Technology

Tours of the mill include a demonstration of the 19th century cider making machinery. Equipment in the mill spans more than a century of technological development. Click here to learn more.

New Jersey: Land of Apples, Cider, and Applejack

New Jersey once produced more apples than any other state. Click here to read more about the rise, fall, and revival of apples and apple drinks in New Jersey.

Prohibition in New Jersey

From 1920 to 1933, New Jersey was a hotbed of temperance, rumrunning, bootlegging, and law enforcement. Click here to learn more about the role local sites like Ralston Cider Mill played in the national saga.

Research and Sources

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