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As New Jersey’s apple museum, Ralston Cider Mill not only documents the history of apples in the Garden State, but also connects people with the orchardists and cider makers of the present. We also have resources for those who are interested in growing fruit or making cider of their own. Click through the pages below to learn more and become a part of a four hundred year New Jersey tradition.

Apple Map of New Jersey

Click here to discover the orchards, cider makers, and other sites of interest near you!

Apple Juice, Sweet Cider, Hard Cider, and Applejack

What is the difference between them all? Click here to learn.

Orchards in America

Click to read more about the history and development of orchards in the United States of America.

Apple Varieties

Discover the varieties that brought New Jersey cider international renown. Click here.

Growing Apple Trees

Resources for those interested in creating an orchard of your own. Click Here

Making Cider

There’s much more to cider than squeezing out the juice. Click here to read more.

Apples in Art

Apples have been represented in artwork around the world for millennia. From ancient Greek pottery to New Jersey orchard labels, click here to learn more.