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Education Programs

"WOW! What a great field trip! Hats off to you and your dedicated team for enabling us to have a wonderful experience. Adults and children alike thoroughly enjoyed themselves! The teachers all just keep saying how GREAT and well planned, organized, informative and educational the entire experience was."

    — Mendham Township fourth grade teacher


An Ocean of Apple Juice

In our Colonial past, so well represented in the Morris area of New Jersey, people had only their own muscle power and their animals to do all their work. When they discovered how to use the power of moving water, they could work faster and easier, producing an excess of goods to sell. The restored Ralston Cider Mill has become a treasured tourist attraction and valuable educational experience. Students can now experience how the inventions of water-powered mills for grinding, pressing, spinning and weaving machines changed America into the modern urban-industrial country we know today. School groups tour the Mill, see history in action and learn about the science of turning water into power. They also press apples on a small hand cranked press, which they find fascinating, and then taste the delicious result in a cup of sweet apple cider. Once a year, The Ralston Cider Mill provides actual apple pressings using the old mill machinery.

Ralston Cider Mill is the perfect location for educational field trips        Ralston Cider Mill allows students to enjoy a unique living history experience

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We are a private not for profit corporation dedicated to the preservation of this operational Cider Mill Museum open to the public for research and education.

We are staffed entirely by volunteers. Proceeds from events are used for developing our education and restoration programs and funding operating expenses.